Set out on a journey and discover new flavours of the Cocoa Travel pralines!

Baron Excellent brand

The combination of fine Polish recipes and the art of blending ingredients into unique taste compositions led 30 years ago to the establishment of the Baron Excellent brand in the region of Greater Poland.

Our products

The products of Baron Excellent have become highly popular among the chocolate gourmets because of our attention to production processes and carefully selected ingredients.

The cocoa, which is the heart of every Baron Excellent chocolate and praline, comes from the region of Ivory Coast, and the reasonable price of our products makes the exclusive tastes available for every enthusiast of the sweet pleasure.

Discover new tastes ofCocoa Travel pralines!

Our special Baron Excellent Cocoa Travel collection is a remarkable fusion of dark or milk chocolate with extraordinary fillings of: orange, caramel, coffee, truffles and peanut butter.

Become the explorer of our pralines and let us take you to the world of the exotic.

Travel with us to far ends of the Earth, try the tastes that will make you think of hot coasts of Brazil, magical India, scenic Ecuador, or African Ivory Coast.

Brasil Orange

Cocoa Travel Brasil Orange

A unique blend of fine dark chocolate and orange flavoured filling.

Discover with us the amazing tastes of exotic Brazil. Our pralines will take you on a fascinating journey to discover new, astonishing tastes.

Madagascar Caramel

Cocoa Travel Madagascar Caramel

Wild and bewitching Madagascar right at your fingertips!

Let us enchant you with our pralines, and feel the caramel reminding of far journeys. Cocoa Travel Madagascar Caramel is a superb fusion of dark chocolate and caramel flavoured filling.

Ecuador Coffee

Cocoa Travel Ecuador Coffee

Ecuador makes us think mainly of scenic landscapes, and the high Andes are the fascination of all explorers.

No wonder that Cocoa Travel Ecuador Coffee are pralines with a coffee flavoured filling, which combined with fine dark chocolate will take you to the breathtaking world of Ecuador and its charming culture.

Ivory Coast Truffles

Cocoa Travel Ivory Coast Truffles

The stunning world of Ivory Coast closed in a mini-praline.

The amazing taste of excellent dark chocolate and a truffle flavoured filling is a fusion like no other. Discover and taste it, allow yourself a bit of pleasure.

India Peanut Cream

Cocoa Travel India Peanut Cream

Wonderful and unique India, a charming world full of colours, unusual culture and surprising customs.

Unique milk chocolate and a peanut paste flavoured filling mixed to create pralines that perfectly reflect this extraordinary country. The sublime taste of our pralines will take you to a journey full of magic. Feel, discover and taste the perfect combination of excellent tastes.

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